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OMG! Best Arena 9 Decks Clash Royale 2018

arena 9 decks

Clash Royale is one of those most popular games that are well known to all of us. It is basically a strategy type game that attracts users to it. As you grow you need to be very patient for challenges and with time it becomes more and more interesting to play Clash Royale APK. With the mesmerizing troops and amazing battle strategies it is now one of the most played games available for both Android and iOS users. As you reach in higher you need to take care of the Arenas and for that you need the best deck selection.

Here, we have got the Best Decks For Arena 9 that you can use while playing battles in Arena 9.

We have made one of the best decks ever to make a win-win situation for you if you use all troops with opened eyes and ears. Be in your limits and attack and defense with full concentration.

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  Best Decks for Clash Royale:  Arena 9

Arena 9 is completely a different place. If you don't keep your deck updated with upgraded you would probably lose all battles. By keeping in mind all the factors we have got the best deck for you.

Our! Best Pick of Deck for Arena 9

This Deck is made by keeping in mind both, offense and defense. The troops are as follows for this deck:

best arena 9 decks

  • Tornado
  • Zap
  • Skeleton
  • Musketeer
  • Ice spirit
  • Hog Rider
  • Knight
  • Fireball

1. Tornado -  3 elixirs


The full and official name for this card is ‘Tornado Spell' that will cost you only 3 elixirs in the battle. This card helps you to pull out all the troops in the center of King Tower to activate King and destroy all troops more quickly and accurately in less span of time. It affects only mobile troops and does not work or affect any building or tower at all.

Pros - Good for defense

Cons – Use it wisely as it will last only for three seconds

2. Zap – 3 elixirs

With a cost of only three elixirs, you can deploy it easily and quickly. This card targets the units under three elixirs like skeletons or anything else. It comes in really handy when your enemy attacks from air or using some building or hut. Also, you can destroy the tower with low health using Zap.

Pros – Cheap and effective card to destroy skeleton army.

Cons – Can’t do much damage to high elixir troops and cards.

3. Hog Rider – 4 elixirs

hog rider clash royale

This is one of the best cards for Arena 9 when you need to offense your enemy. Being a card with higher hit points, it is favorite of all. For its high hit points, damage and mobility for four elixirs are really savage. Before the tower could damage the hog rider fully, it has done a major damage to the tower already.  Deploying a freeze spell after a hog rider would be awesome, so that hog rider can destroy the tower completely and you hit victory.

Pros – Good damage, mobility and high hit points

Cons – Can't do the job alone every time.

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4. Ice Spirit – 1 elixir


Not only skeletons and Giant, Ice Spirit is also a good troop to distract enemy troops and defense. Its ability to freeze everything for a couple of seconds would give you a little time and also deploy other troops for the destruction of enemy's troops and buildings. With a range of radius of 2.5 units, it responds very quickly and is lightning fast in speed.

Pros – Cheap, efficient and useful card

Cons – Not yet found!

5. Knight – 3 elixirs

Knight clash royale

Being one of the best in ground and melee attack, Knight is one of the best and always in deck kind of troop. If you use it for defense, it performs even better. You might find him height but he could not do any kind of aerial attacks as he uses a sword.  Because of this, he might be wiped out before reaching the tower of the enemy.

Pros – Excellent defense ground unit

Cons – Helpless against aerial attacks and arrows.

6. Fireball – 4 elixirs

Fireball clash royale

With the extreme impact (damage done) and a wide range of radius of 2.5 units, it can does it work extremely good. It comes in handy in aerial and ground attacks both. It can wipe minions or skeletons at once and could do a real and great damage to the tower.

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Pros – Efficient for both, ground and aerial defense.

Cons – Not yet known!

We have discussed only six troops because the other two does not have much to be described. Both, the musketeer and the skeleton can be useful for defense and attacks both when used along with Knight and Hog Rider.

A combination of skeleton army, musketeer and hog rider could do a lot of damage to enemy's castle. And when you will use the firewall after they have damaged some of the towers, you can destroy it fully and move up to the King Tower. Although, it is not very easy to destroy any of the towers in Arena 9, so you need to be very careful while using this strategy.

Here are two more another decks that you can give a try in case you bored with the previous one. Keep in mind all of them are best but the first one was much better than these two.

1. The first one includes these troops.

best arena 9 decks
  • Valkyrie
  • Hog rider
  • Skeleton
  • Mini PEKKA
  • Poison Spell
  • Musketeer
  • Zap
  • Elixir collector

2. The second one includes these troops:

best arena 9 decks
  • Baby dragon
  • Bowler
  • Knight
  • Tornado
  • Poison Spell
  • Mini PEKKA
  • Royal Giant
  • Electric Wizard


These were some of the best decks for Arena 9 of Clash Royale that you can consider while playing the Arena 9 battle. They could help you a lot to win the match and move up to next level by earning chests and coins.

Do let us know in the comment how you used them and share your experience with us.

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arena 9 decks
OMG! Best Arena 9 Decks Clash Royale 2018
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