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✅{Latest} Download Clash Royale APK (UPDATED)!

Introduction :

Are you a fan of online multiplayer games like Clash Of Clans? If you have a liking for online multiplayer games then you are going to surely like the game we are going to discuss about today. The game is a product of SuperCell only. Yes, we are talking about Clash Royale APK. We have a lot of exciting information related to Clash Royale Android. We recommend you to patiently read this article on Clash Royale download till the end so you don't miss out on anything.

Before we begin to other section of the article, lets first discuss a little about the Clash Royale apk. I have seen and played a lot of online multiplayer games but trust me I have never witnessed a unique game like Clash Royale before. Clash Royale was released publicly worldwide on March 6, 2016. This game is based on three themes: tower defense, multiplayer online battle arena, and collectible card games. It features Royales, all-time favorite Clash of Clans characters and much more than you can imagine.

Clash Royale Game Info :

In the game, the rankings are allocated to the different players based on their trophy count. The users can upgrade themselves in the game by upgrading or donating their cards. The maximum level that one can achieve in the game is Level 13. The game's main theme is based on tower defense. There will be multiplayer battles between players where the player has to destroy the opponent's three towers. One will be the main tower known as the King Tower. If the player directly destroys that then he receives "three crown victory" (towers are known as crowns in the game). If both the players destroy the King Tower at the same time then it is considered to be a draw. In short and simple words, the more player who destroys more tower wins the battle. Based on the winnings and losings of these multiplayer battles, trophies will be awarded to the players.

Every player receives his own set of cards that he can use to play in the battles. The game starts with a training mode which is followed by the clan feature. After the training or trial period is over, one can set up his own new clan for free. In total there are 12 battle arenas in the game including Bone Pit, Spell Valley, Goblin Stadium, Frozen Peak, Electro Valley, Barbarian Bowl, Royal Arena, P. E. K. K. A's Playhouse, Frozen Peak, Hog Mountain, Jungle Arena, Electro Valley, Legendary Arena and Builder's Workshop. This list doesn't include the Training Camp and tutorial arena. There's a unique feature that lets you chat with your opponent in the game.

In the game, there are elements called cards (spells, units, and buildings) with the help of which you will attack and defend in the battles. Each player has to construct a deck of 8 cards before they approach for any battle. The cards are allocated on elixir points and as one card has been played, another card will be automatically taken out of the player's deck. There are total 83 cards in the game as of the update made in April 2018 and the cards are categorized in four categories: Common, Epic, Rare and Legendary!

Why To Download From Our Site?

This version of Clash Royale APK present on our site is the latest and authentic version as you can find on the Play Store. There are people out there who dislike downloading from Google Play Store whereas others keep facing technical issues while using Play Store and that is why they look for third-party sources to get their favourite apps for free of cost. We have not modded the Clash Royale Android in any way. Trust me, the Clash Royale download of our website is as amazing and awesome as the real one. Check other sections of this article for more details.

Features Of Clash Royale APK :



Clash Royale is another popular multiplayer game just like Clash of Clans. You will find that few of the things in the game matches with COC features. If you are still not satisfied and want to know more about the game before you head to the downloading section then read this section carefully as we will be listing the main features of the game.

These are some of the main and top-notch features of Clash Royale Android. There can be chances that we may out something so don't get angry on us! 😛

1) Earn Crown Chests :

Head out in battles and fight hard with your opponents so you can destroy their towers and win the game. The more crowns you win, the more crown chests you will be awarded with.

2) Build Your Own Card Deck :

Build your own set of eight cards that you will use to attack and defend in the battles among your opponents.

3) Build Your Own Clan!

In Clash Royale, you can form your own clan and promote it so that other players join you. You can donate your own cards to other players which will help them and you upgrade at the same time. There's a unique feature which lets you know the number of people in the clan and how many of them are online at the moment.

4) Friendly Clan Members Battle :

In the game, to test your cards, one can fight with his own clan member. In this process, he won't have to upgrade any troop nor spend on golds.

5) Chat While Battling :

One of the cute features of the game is that it lets you communicate with other opponents while you are fighting with each other. You can choose to say something from the predefined six messages that includes sayings like "Good Luck", "Well Played", etc. You are also free to choose any emoji like the crying face or smiling face!

6) Learn Battle Tactics :

To play well in the game, you can learn some cool battle tactics by watching best duels on TV Royale. Trust me, these strategies will surely help you a lot!

7) Free For Lifetime :

The game developers earn enough through in-app purchases that they can afford to keep the game for free till the game exists and control is in their hands. If you want, you can choose some paid upgradations through in-app purchases.

Latest Version Clash Royale Download :

The Clash Royale Android version present on our website is totally genuine and is free of any kinds of virus or malware. You can think in such a way that we have just reuploaded the Clash Royale present on Play Store on our site for free. There are many sites on the Internet that promise you real Clash Royale APK download but in reality, they all are fake, untrusted and filled up with virus or malware. When we saw that there were so many sites fooling people, we made up the decision to treat users the right away with the right thing and that is why we created this website and this article. We follow strict policies when it comes to reader satisfaction! So without any worries, feel free to download Clash Royale update from our site right now!

Clash Royale APK Download Details :

App Name

Clash Royale

App Category


App Size

96.75 MB

App Version


App Requirements

Android 4.3 and above

Last Updated

July 2018



Installation Guide For Clash Royale Android :


If you have successfully downloaded the Clash Royale apk file on your Android device then it is time to learn to install the apk file. The installation of Clash Royale is just like any other apk file so if you have done this before then you can proceed to do it the same way. If you are performing this for the first time or are a beginner then we recommend you to follow the below steps carefully.

1) Download Clash Royale for free from our download link

2) Once downloaded, make sure that installation from unknown sources has been enabled. To enable the option, you have to head to Settings and then Privacy Tab.

3) Locate the apk file in your downloads and double click on it to open it.

4) Once the installation dialog box opens, just follow the on-screen instructions to install the file.

5) Wait for a while till the installation is being done! Don't hurry anything!

6) Enjoy! Check for the app in your app drawer and start using the application!

Clash Royale Pro Tips :

1) Make Wise Card Combinations From Card Collections

2) Never be the first one to attack in any battle arena

3) Figure out the most common cards from inside out

4) Be frequent in battles so you gain valuable experience

5) Learn to properly balance between your defense and attacks!

6) Want a good best friend? Then take the help of Skeleton Army!

7) Make wise decisions on spending your gems. Try to open as many chests as you can!

Clash Royale Android Version Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) :

We have tried to cover everything in detail so that the users don't encounter with any kind of doubt or issues while they are downloading or installing the game. But, still like we mentioned, user satisfaction is something which we believe and that is why we try to clear even minor confusion or issues of the downloader. We picked out some common and popular questions related to Clash Royale and there are chances that your question's answer would also be present in our following FAQ's. If by chance, you still have any doubt or problem that has not been covered in this section then you can comment below so we can help you.

Q1) Why is Clash Royale APK File not present in the Google Play Store?

Ans: Google Play Store has certain strict policies and guidelines which prevents it from uploading APK Files. It is actually an app store so for sure you would directly get the app installed on your device, leaving the in-between manual steps. But on our site, you can easily find the latest and updated apk file of Clash Royale.

Q2) How to fix Clash Royale Connection Problems?

Ans: Clash Royale is a multiplayer game that works in PVP mode and for proper running of the game, you need to have a strong and stable connection. For this we recommend you to use a strong WiFi connection or a 3G/4G connection. Make sure that your Android signal is strong and you are not present in underground public transport or moving vehicle, as this may result into unexpected connection loose which may affect your battles resulting in no winning of trophies.


This was our exclusive post where we aimed to discuss the major things related to Clash Royale APK. In future, whenever any new update arrives for the game, this page will be automatically updated here only. So make sure that you bookmark the page and keep visiting it from time to time. If you liked the article, share with your friends and don't forget to comment down any queries or suggestions you may have for the app or our site, respectively.

✅{Latest} Download Clash Royale APK (UPDATED)!
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