Arena 6 Best Clash Royale Decks

Reaching Arena 6 is a tough call for new players who are trying hard to push their trophies after Arena 4 in Clash Royale. This is the time when every player tries to sharpen their skills, and hence you too need to level-up your cards to attain more wins and surpass Arena 6. Though it may be tough to win in Arena 6 in beginning you will definitely master your skills with time.

But to be strong enough, you will need a perfect deck capable of both attacks as well as defense. Arena six has 3 legendary cards to unlock the Miner, Sparky, and the log. Choosing a perfect deck can be tough but to master a deck is tougher, so try to sharpen your skills as soon as you make your deck rather than just trying decks randomly.

TOP Tips and Strategy for CoC Arena 6 decks

Here are some perfect decks for arena 6 and guide for them:

1.Poison Grave Nado:

This deck consists of:

best arena 6 decks clash royale
  • Baby dragon
  • Graveyard
  • Tornado
  • Poison
  • Log (zap may also work)
  • Tombstone
  • The knight and
  • The ice wizard.

Well, I see a great potential in this deck and this one seems perfect for arena 6 once you master it.

This is a perfect combo for offense as well as defense. Let us check both one by one.

Offense: For offensive cards, we have Graveyard, Poison, Tornado and Baby Dragon. Graveyard with poison is very effective plus we also have a baby dragon with a tornado for counter attacks to bring damage to the tower. Out of four spells on the deck, we will use two for attacks and two to defend. Mainly poison and tornado will be for our offense.

Defence: For defense, we will have Tombstone, Knight, Ice wizard and Baby Dragon too can be defensive at times. Tombstone can also help to lure troops towards it so that Knight can counter attacks. At times you can use ice wizard with the tornado to defend big attacks, you can also add t baby dragon to this combo whenever required.  So tombstone will be your key for distraction.

If you are attacked via air, you have ice wiz and dragon to counter, tombstone to lure and add tornado if it gets hard. If your enemy drops elixir collector, drop poison or graveyard as soon as possible to take it down. Knight will be good against lone troops like wiz, musketeers etc. and with poison, it can also counter Three Musketeers.

So here is all we can suggest about this deck, rest you will master when you play with this deck.

2. GoPro with Mini P.E.K.K.A Deck:

This Deck is also well known as Golem beat down the deck and its specialty is that it does not have any legendary card in it. So if you recently reached Arena 6 and does not have any legendary yet, this is the best Arena 6 deck for you.

This deck consists of:

  • Golem (obviously)
  • Poison
  • Zap
  • Skeletons
  • Archers
  • Mini P.E.K.K.A
  • Baby Dragon
  • Elixir Collector

This deck is also chosen as one of the best deck for Arena 6 because of its great potential without even a legendary card! Golem will be our key for big attack and elixir collector will help us to make it big.

Firstly, Your main aim will be to Push with golem plus Baby dragon and the archers and you can also use the poison with them you will Still have Mini P.E.K.K.A and your skeletons to defend your side.

Offense: Make sure to put Elixir Collector as soon as you get the chance because to push with the golem, you will need a huge amount of Elixirs. Plant it near the king tower, mainly in front of it if possible. Try to defend without wasting many elixirs if you can. Try to put more and more elixir collectors if possible to ensure perfect push. When you have elixirs in the pocket and know your enemy well, this will be the best time for you to bring golem into the play. Start with spawning golem behind the king tower. To support the mighty golem, using either baby dragon or the archers or both (depends on your elixir count and condition), Put them behind Golem. Bring in poison whenever needed.

Defence: For this deck, defending completely depends on the condition; you will master it with time for sure. You sure can use skeletons and archers to attract enemy troops once successful, use the mini P.E.K.K.A to finish them off. If no. of enemy troops on your base becomes high, take out them with poison + baby dragon. You can also add archers for the defending task if necessary, but saving them for the push would be ideal. After all, you will also have zap to freeze your enemy troops.

You don’t have many choices for defence in this deck and your only options are Skeletons and Mini P.E.K.K.A mostly! So it will be up to you to sharpen your defending skills with this deck. Once you learn when and where to place the correct card, you will surely defend your towers well. Using skeletons and archers to distract them will be your key. These distractions will play a big role in eliminating enemy troops with Mini P.E.K.K.A and our baby dragon and of course poison whenever required. When enemy troops are going towards one of your towers, you can also try to split half towards the other to defend better. To reset enemy troops like Inferno dragon and sparky, zap will be handy. Also whenever there is an inferno tower in the enemy base and you are pushing at the same time, use zap to reset it so the golem can do its job without getting eliminated. The golem will protect your units behind it so spawn as many troops as possible behind to ensure your victory.

So this was our guide for you to surpass arena 6 and sharpen your Clash Royale skills. These were some of the best Arena 6 decks to ensure your victory. So do your best and push as hard as possible with these Best Arena 6(six) decks. Happy Clashing.