Best Decks For Arena 7 Clash Royale

Reaching Arena 7 in Clash Royale is pretty hard, but believe me your journey further will be even harder. I am sure if you are here then you are either new to Arena 7 or stuck there. Being stuck on any arena in clash Royale must be Irritating. So to get a perfect deck with Good Offence as well as strong Defence is very important.

Once you reach Arena 7, you sure are experienced enough playing clash Royale from long time. We get awesome cards in arena seven like the elite barbs, electro wizard, princess, royal giant, etc.

Here are Few Best combos for arena 7 that you should try to surpass arena 7. Make sure to not to randomly try different decks, better stick to one and master it until you reach next arena and unlock new cards. This is true that you master your CR skills by arena 7 but this also means that your enemy too is experienced hence you will need to push hard to surpass them. Alright so here are some decks for Arena 7 that should work for you in arena 7. We will try to provide decks that combine both strong offense and Defence.  

So here are some good decks for arena 7 and their guide:

GoGrave Deck

We know that golem is very powerful card in Clash Royale. Golem and the graveyard are the most used cards in clash royale. This deck mainly consists of Golem and graveyard and few other cards to complement them.

This deck consists of:

  • Baby Dragon
  • Fireball
  • Goblins
  • Graveyard
  • Golem
  • Mega Minion
  • Zap
  • Log

This deck’s trump card is Golem; hence you should try to save as much elixirs as possible to make your push effective. The deck consists of four spells for both offence and defence. You should save the Graveyard to surprise your opponent in the middle of the clash.  Use baby dragon for splash damage against group of enemy troops. Use goblins at times to defend and add Mega Minion when needed.

  • Offence: Main key card for pushing will be Majestic Golem, use it aggressively and try to make the push as big as possible. Try to save elixirs to put other troops like baby dragon behind the golem also to make the push successful, add graveyard on the same tower surprisingly. Though you can use your Fireball for offence, but try to save it for defence to do splash damage whenever required like against minion hordes to counter enemy’s push. If enemy uses swarms like scarmy etc, bring in the zap or log to eliminate them all. Zap can also be used to reset enemy troops like Inferno dragon and sparky and also towers like Inferno Tower.
  • Defence: Well, whenever you play with heavy pushing decks like the Golem deck, saving your elixirs is very important and hence it becomes important for you to defend with as least elixirs as possible. Troops used for pushing can also be used for defending. Use baby dragon, mega minion for defence and add goblins whenever possible. If enemy wants to play just air, you show them real power of Baby dragon and Mega Minion and spells if required. Don’t let your enemy collect anymore elixirs than you so eliminate their elixir collector as soon as they are built. Three musketeers can be a pain in this deck, so use fireball to counter them and also add zap or The log to finish them off.

If you cannot collect enough elixir to push with golem, just push with Graveyard and the baby dragon. Add zap in any attack whenever required. This deck is perfect for arena 7 and once you sharpen your skills with this deck, you are good to go to higher arenas. Remember the huge rocked golem is your key card in this deck.

 DarkKnight Giant Deck

This deck is one of the best Decks for Arena 7(seven).This deck is also well known as Giant Dark beat down deck. This deck is pretty famous in the CR community and every troop in this deck comes in handy to beat your enemy in the Arena 7. Main key characters of this deck are The Giant and the Prince. The main speciality of this deck is that it is very easy to use. To win you’ll just need to perfectly time your giant at the front ones enemies units are down. This deck is cheap hence comes in really handy in arena 7 with average cost of 3.5 elixirs.

This deck consists of:

  • Giant
  • The Dark Prince
  • The mighty Electro Wizard
  • Zap
  • Poison
  • Miner
  • Inferno dragon
  • And the Goblins.

Dark Prince will play the role of both Defensive and offensive troop as it can take down swarms as well as it’s a bit heavy hence handy in push and with his shield he’ll last longer to make the push successful. When placed correctly with the giant at the correct time, the dark prince can make the push pretty effective.

The main thing you need to learn in this deck is to counter the enemy troops using your electro wizard and the dark prince and then to put the Giant near the Bridge.

  • Offence: When after countering your enemy troops you put your giant, use inferno dragon and the miner at end of push to intensify it. When the opponent tries to wait silently, use your goblins to lure him to attack. If your push is successful and goes as mentioned, your enemy’s tower will disappear in no time.
  • Defence: As last deck, this deck too needs quick and effective defence at times. You might also be needed to bring in miner for defence. Crush your enemy’s troop and be prepared to push right away after that.

This deck is well tested and is very effective in Arena 7 to beat down your enemy. Once you master this deck, you will easily gain trophies to push to higher arenas. This deck is also found to be effective in events. So sharpen your CR skills with our deck and Happy Clashing.