Best Clash Royale Arena 8 Decks – TOP Legendary

Clash Royale is one of those most popular games that are well known to all of us. It is basically a strategy type game that attracts users to it. As you grow you need to be very patient for challenges and with time it becomes more and more interesting to play Clash Royale. With the mesmerizing troops and amazing battle strategies it is now one of the most played games available for both Android and iOS users. As you reach in higher you need to take care of the Arenas and for that you need the best deck selection. Here, we have got the Best decks for Arena 8 that you can use while playing Battles in Arena 8.

We have made one of the best decks ever to make a win-win situation for you if you use all troops with opened eyes and ears. Be in your limits and attack and defense with full concentration.

1. The Hog Freeze

While you unlock most of these in earlier arenas, they work very well in the legendary arena as well. The main focus of this deck is to use the freeze at the right time on your opponent’s units. Makin the right decision to use the Freeze is the key to victory with this deck. You should always be in a position when you have more elixir than your opponent.

  • Hog Rider
  • Tesla
  • Cannon
  • Skeleton
  • Spear goblins
  • Knight
  • Fireball
  • Freeze

The Hog rider is the backbone of the deck for offense. Use them to hit opponent’s towers and hit them hard to decrease their health. Using hog rider when enemy’s troops are stopped with Freeze will allow you to deal a lot of damage to towers while enemy’s units are useless to stop your hog rider. This is even better when you have more elixir than your opponent.

A well placed Tesla is a strong defense to your troops against enemy’s units. The same goes with cannon and fireball when you have to deal with the minions, goblins and some other units like them. You want to deploy defense against these cards of opponent and if you see that your opponent is out of elixir use the hog rider and change the game to a win-win situation.

2. Log Bait Rocket Cycle

This is the best spell based deck right now. It includes the following troops:

  • Rocket
  • Knight
  • Princess
  • Ice spirit
  • Goblin barrel
  • Spear goblins
  • The log
  • Inferno tower

Technically, you have to bait the opponent’s spell by using your princess and goblin gang and then you should use your goblin barrel to damage the units and towers. Knight is the only heavy card in this deck that you should use to give a push to those goblin barrels for destroying towers while the ice spirit gives you a cost effective card that has faster cycle. You can use the ice spirit to distract inferno towers of your opponent and give a way to other troops to destroy it. Rocket in this deck is used as the game finisher after you have done enough damage with your troops to opponent’s tower.

Start with slow playing by deploying the princess behind inferno tower, with knight, ice spirit and goblins after them. Try to understand what spells your opponent is going to use and keep the track of those spells throughout the battle.  And if you follow all this as it is then you only need to damage the towers at last using the rockets. This is a god deck for trophy pushing as it mostly has cards that are even available in lower arenas.

3. Spashyard

One of the best decks that we have chosen for you for Arena 8 is the SpashyardIt consists of the following troops:

  • Knight
  • Grave yard
  • Poison
  • Tornado spell
  • Bowler
  • Baby dragon
  • Electric wizard
  • Bats

Grave yard is a pretty handy card that is neither over powered nor much weak. And the Splashyard is considered as the most trusted deck for your victory. This deck works in a totally different way that first uses defending and then slows pushing of troops and at last finishing everything with the grave yard card. The slow troops help to form a good push and then destroy the enemy’s towers with grave yard, poison and Tornado.

The combination of baby dragon and bowler when coupled with tornado and knight gives a major beat down to enemy’s troops and create a win-win situation for you. This deck just seems perfect for you, isn’t it?

In case you are bored with these decks and want to try something interesting and different then here are two more decks:

4. Ultra P4 Deck:  Prince, Dark Prince, PEKKA, Princess, elixir collector, ice wizard, arrows and freeze.

5. The blackest day deck:  Prince, Dark Prince, PEKKA, elixir collector, spear goblins, barbarians, poison spell and zap.